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19 September
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I'm a blonde haired, blue eyed, 22 year old girl from Pittsburgh PA. This is my 5th year of college (When will this cruel joke be over?)as an English and Theatre major. I live in a house just off of campus with two of my closest theatre friends.

I spend alot of time reading, writing and sketching. I design costumes for the theatre whenever I get a chance. This year I'll be designing for a play, set during the Holocaust, called "Rosenstrasse".

I love rainy days, fall leaves, and uncontrollable laughter. British and Southern accents have become my kryptonite in the recent years. I swear that I'll see more than my hotel room when I get to england this summer Becca!!! Maybe a few other rooms as well *wink wink* :)

So that's me...anything else you'd like to know leave a message on my board!!! :D